An Ivy League Controversy

In the latest issue of the New Republic, William Deresiewicz stirs the pot of discussion and controversy in the world of higher education.

His piece is long but well worth the read, regardless of whether you agree with him:

Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League (New Republic)

He argues that our current system of higher education feeds a classist mentality, one that focuses on the top 1% of students and families at the expense of the others, and which breeds rich and entitled students who are too afraid of failure actually to think for themselves.

With upper middle class parents pouring everything into the game of getting their kid into the best possible schools, everyone has forgotten why we educate in the first place.

I think Deresiewicz’s conclusion works against his argument, but setting that aside for the moment, I loved his critique of education that exists merely to promote a class system or that defines “success” totally in economic terms.

Give it a read.


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