Thanks to the Design Thinking friend in my life, I’ve just been introduced to the idea of applying design thinking to the wicked problem of education reform.  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. All the feels.

Wired has apparently been bitten by the same mind-crush; here’s a quick post on the Stanford blog about their discussions — it’s this quote which stopped me in my tracks:

“Let us know what mission you would choose if, instead of majors, every college student was called on to declare a mission.”

via the whiteboard | ‘A problem we should all be interested in’.

I’m going to chew on this for a bit.  I’d already been considering the (not uncommon) idea of applying DT to curriculum development (in fact, there’s a great guide for teachers to apply Design Thinking to solving problems at their schools and in their classrooms.  But I hadn’t really stepped back and thought about DT as an ideological framework for education reform.


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